Profile of Revolve

4-27-05 @ Amaraen Cafe (Hookah Bar) 1720 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204 show starts 8pm with Crypt Orchid

Revolve have been brewing in the Los Angeles Underground since 2001, developing an eclectic strain of Rock. A four-piece in all, the members of Revolve stem from Japan, Germany as well as the U.S., adding a cultural diversity to their material. The band’s diverse influences include variants of electronic and rock music ranging from, trance, drum’n’bass and ambient dub, to metal, progressive rock and ethnic music. Other sources of inspiration for Revolve’s musical expression are various philosophers and visionaries. Through their unique blend of philosophy and harmony, Revolve invites the listener on a shamanic journey celebrating the mystery of existence. The band just self-released their debut album in Dec. ’04. Matthew Manning – Vocals Koichi Fukuda – Guitar & Programming Ryan Collier – Bass Bernhard Guenther – Drums & Samples