Profile of Pygmy Love Circus

Bang Your Dead Born out of a downtown Los Angeles halfway house in 1987, the Pigmy Love Circus, in one form or another, has been cattle prodding the nervous systems of their unyielding legions for over a decade. Sometimes just talking about the Pigmy's legendary live shows is enough for some die-hard fans, but to actually see the act today is paramount to a Muslim's pilgrimage to Mecca. The Pigmys originally consisted of: Shepherd Stevenson on bass, Mike Savage on vocals, Anthony Martinez on drums with Rand Walters and Peter Fletcher on guitars. Noted for such ditties as Dagwood Killed Blondie, King of LA and Brutish Lout, the Pigmy shows were about drunken camaraderie usually reserved for Army battalions and hockey teams. No one in the crowds felt left out and if they did it was their own fault for not jumping onto the stage to join the foray. Dan Carey joined in 1992 but his tenure was cut short by the signing of prog-rock juggernaut Tool. By 1995, the fire had gone out of the Pigmy's dream. What was left of the band went they're separate ways. In 1999, Fletcher returned to LA and the flame was rekindled when Carey demanded a reunion. The contemporary line up of Danny Carey on drums, Peter Fletcher on guitar, Mike Savage on Vocals and Shepherd Stevenson on bass delivers a particularly snarling aggression that only years of battling through the trenches of the LA music scene can achieve. The Kings of LA are dead and have returned from Hell as wraiths to reclaim their crown of tattered glory. Keep on shammin'*it ain't over yet. ...Forrest Groat