Profile of Big Nasty


Rob "REZ" Minor Will "Ongfacekillah" Ong

Instrumentation Robert Minor - Bass William Ong - Drums Bio Forming late 2006, Big Nasty is the masterful sounds of Rob "REZ" Minor on Bass and William Ong aka "Ongfacekillah" on Drums. After hearing Big Nasty perform, the tendency to smack yourself in the face and say "WTF JUST HAPPENED HERE?" arises. BIG NASTY is a project that's been going on since 1997. Though it was not presented to the public until 2000 when the duo attended Fort Hayes Vocational Music Program. At that time Big Nasty was a five piece called "Big Nasty and the Skudnuggets". The Skudnuggets were three guitar players that also attended Fort Hayes. Though the five piece only did covers, Rob and Will stuck out like highly bruised tomato's. After High School the duo played in two other projects. One of them being a early ratification of "OBUS" with Chris Minor and Mark Sims (Former guitarist for the Tough & Lovely) called "It's a Setup". The other being a Hip Hop combo with the early forming skills of "MC Lev Don" (MC for The Bootleggers) Shortly after these projects Will wanted to travel and venture to the South and then the West coast. Upon his return Will, Rob & Chris regrouped to form "OBUS" in 2004. Big Nasty has hit a stride of great shows opening for such bands as Sighlo, Headchange, Martin Madeski & wood and even a future spot for Les Claypool in 2008. Big Nasty is hitting local festivals this summer like Hempfest, Comfest, OMFG and Slam Jam. A debut cd in mid 2008 followed by a month tour starting in Chicago then ending in Columbus. ----------------------------------------------------------------- List of venues ----------------------------------------------------------------- *Dicks Den (Columbus, OH) *Acme Art Studio (Columbus, OH) *Billiards Club (Columbus, OH) *Skully's Music Diner (Columbus, OH) *Bernie's Distillery (Columbus, OH) *Little Brothers (Columbus, OH) *Scarlet & Gray Cafe (Columbus, OH) *CBRs (Columbus, OH) *Oldfields on High (Columbus, OH) *The High Five (Columbus, OH) *Ruby Tuesdays (Columbus, OH) *Lodge Bar (Columbus, OH) *The Basement (Columbus, OH) *The House of Crave (Columbus, OH) *The Koozma (Cleveland, OH) *Stardust Tavern (Chillicothe, OH) *Cardos (Chillicothe, OH) *The Filling Station (Chillicothe, OH) *Hot Peppers (Marion, OH) *The Fire House (Lima, OH) *Top Cats (Cincinatti, OH) *Sudsy Malones (Cincinatti, OH) *Cadillac Jacks (Grove City, OH) *Buckaroos (Heath, OH) *Dolphin Lounge(Gahanna, OH) ----------------------------------------------------------------- List of Festivals ----------------------------------------------------------------- *Comfest (Columbus, Ohio) *Hempfest (Columbus, Ohio) *OMFG 07 (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) *Ribs & Music (Marion, Ohio) ----------------------------------------------------------------- Radio Stations ----------------------------------------------------------------- *Live Performance and interview on Local Mic 97.5 WDCM with Jester (Mt.Vernon, Ohio) * on Here, Here (Los Angeles, California) Discography ----------------------------------------------------------------- Big Nasty EP 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------------- 01- Bottom Feeder 02- No Sleep 03- Lama Stole My Chips 04- Fortitude 05- Steady ----------------------------------------------------------------- Eclectic Mood Music For Schizophrenic People ----------------------------------------------------------------- COMING IN NOVEMBER 2007 Links