Profile of Mykill

Compiled and edited by Julie Travis From central Connecticut,Started playing the drums at age 12. Born 2/70 in Hartford, CT. "Through out the years, I found myself in bands that were in NO way as serious as I , either they were drug users, drunks or novices. Music is not a hobby to me, it is the only thing I've ever cared about and wanted to be a part of. SA-SANCTUARY opened for some pro bands( one being the almighty JUDAS PRIEST!). They're going to stop there. Hopefully I will be able achieve my goals with the new deal." Myke has been in a few quite different types of bands. GRIDLOCK 1992-1994 Frank Thomas, Mike (weeze) Dicaprio, Mik Monte "Back in '92, my 1st serious band was a original rock band, GRIDLOCK and a later version of that band, 86 ASPARTAME. My dad worked with his at Prudential. This was a little after I got Mt first TAMA set. Maybe a bit over a year. This was around March or April 92. So they found that we both liked Van Halen and decided to mention the other to the other. (him to me - me to him) We bs'd on the phone a few times. Frank was a really easy going guy. Really easy to talk with. I dunno, he just makes you feel comfortable. Something I am not when it comes to meeting new people. I'm real reserved and shy until(or if) I get to someone. Then I'm "me". So he said he had a bassist he was working with (Mike Trinnk) and they'd come by on a Saturday afternoon. Basically all we did that day was play 'Halen songs. We both knew almost the whole VH catalog to date then. He brought a tape of some originals he had recorded with a drum machine. He is a trained keyboardist, and music theory in general. it was not your basic rock-n-roll crap. This stuff was good! We started talking more and practicing every Saturday. We'd shoot hoops, goof around, and we became quite good friends. Well, there started to be problems with the bassist, as per usual, and he was replaced with Mark Brey. Mark was really influenced by Jimmy Paige (led zeppelin). Mark was another music scholar. Very good bassist. He is actually a guitarist, but decided there was something going on with the 'band' that he'd make the switch to bass and join Gridlock (at the time still unnamed) Mark's brother knew a heavy metal band that broke up years before.(ZOID) We needed a singer. We got a hold of a tape they put out and liked what we heard. So, Mark got intouch with Mik Monte in December. He came by to out Old Saybrook rehearsal (mini storage) area. Well, we played maybe a few more weeks there, but it was too damn cold. Anyone from NE Usa will know what I mean. Anyway, we moved, and around Feb 93 Mike Decaprio took over the bassist role.(his truck broke that first night we met him at the band room!) So, Mik lived real far from the 'central' practice area. The drive started to get to him, or something. We had a big show approaching at the EL-N-GEE club in New London. We found Jack Adonti who agreed to do the vocals for the show. He was very eccentric.(and very good) Well late on, more problems arose. So we stoped for a while. Frank was contacted by TOAD'S PLACE in New Haven to do a show. He called me, Mike and Mik to ask if we want to reform and do the show. We played like another year till more misfortune appeared. It was now late winter/spring 1994. I do like bands like VAN HALEN and others like them, but I am best at the harder styles of music. I grew up practicing fast beats. From '89 on, all I would do is play Metallica, Testament, and Slayer songs by myself on the drums. FRANK THOMAS is an excellent rock guitarist. He became a real close friend of mine. But SLAYER is very different than VAN HALEN! I guess I was out of my element in a rock band. I couldn't contribute much to them, as far as lyrics, titles,& even guitar riffs. There was always an underlying anger in my style that no one under stood, an aggression that puzzled them. A rock band has no need for song titles like 'CULTURE OF DEATH','PRISONER OF HOPE', 'DOWNLOAD HUMANITY' ABANDON IN PLACE, or any others I came up with. I just don't have the mind-set for rock. I'm way too angry and aggressive for that style. I can't just sit back and play songs about love and relationships pretending 'life' is grand. It is NOT. Franks music was not necessarily like that. Actually it wasn't. My point is, I'm better suited in an aggressive/speed type of band" Myke's 2nd band was metal, or at least started out as metal. LOST SOUL 1994-1998 Bryan Rielly, Tony Mica, Charlie Burke. "I joined LOST SOUL in 4/94. Initially the band had no name. Mica and Burke were working on this since 1989 with not much luck getting good musicians together, until they got Bryan. In 1993, Tony and Charlie had posted an ad at a New Haven CT guitar shop called BRIAN'S GUITARS. I was there buying an 18" Paiste Signature Full Crash, 18" Signature Mellow Crash, 20" Signature Thin China, 18" Signature Power Crash, and special ordering a 22" Signature Dry Heavy Ride. I dropped a HUGE chunk of change that day! The store gave me a PAISTE T-shirt, which I cherish to this day. So, they were looking for a full-time drummer. They had a temp(friend) that was helping them record a demo to give to the new "prospects". From what they joked about at Tony's house the first day, "a number of clowns" had been the only tryouts so far. Anyway, I took the ad, and I called them to set up a meeting and get a tape. The song they gave me to work on was slightly up-tempo. It was an early version CREEDANCE. Initially we listened to it there in the parking lot because they were sick of making tapes, handing them out, only to find their music intimidated most drummers and would never see the tape again. After listening to it in Tony's Oldsmobile, Charlie said, "So can you handle it? If you can't just say so, cause most couldn't yet". I took the tape home and listened to it from awakening to sleep every day for 1 week, which was when my "tryout" was scheduled for. Well, I went to Tony's house with my sticks and pedals. They mentioned they had a double bass drum set there for all of this auditioning they were doing. Wow, I was impressed with their set. I was impressed that something so old and crappy was able to be used my a single person thus far! Bryan was really late. They were having a laugh discussing all the tryouts up till me. A big fat dude, some really old guy with a "crazy foot". Kinda set a weird tone... anyway, they decided to start with out Bryan. So here we are, me and bass only playing the song for the 1st time ever. No guitar, no vocals. PLUS, Charlie had explained that a part of the song I spent so much time learning, had been changed... and the change was NOT on the tape I memorized. They showed me the change, which was fairly drastic, and off we went. About 6 times. Now Bryan walks in. Plugs in and we play it another 2 or 3 times, this time drums, bass and guitar. After, Bryan starts riffing around showing some other LS songs that were in the works. They wanted to test my double bass drum speed. A song they were starting to write, THE MIRROR, was brought forth. No drummer had worked on it with them yet, but they all agreed that the verse should be double kicks. That part of the song got faster and faster that night, I wanted them to see I could pull out some speed if needed. I honestly have no idea how I pulled any of it off with that left bass drum wanting to roll all over the basement floor, because it only had one side with a leg on it! Anyway, the song THE MIRROR was pretty much written that night and did not stray very far from that day. It was the intro, verse, and chorus. There were 2 or 3 parts that were not written on the guitar at that point. All that 1st night, Charlie did not sing ONE thing. So after that day, I figured they would continue to look and that I did not make it. I called Charlie the next week and asked if they had found anyone. He said "You got the job if you want it". I got a tape from Bryan that was from the last practice with 'the kid'. On the tape were THE HOLY WORDS, and a slower doomy type of diddy called FATE. So we get all these down. Later, as we started to compose as a whole unit things started to change. The Tony and Charlie started having 'visions' of how the songs would turn out. From then on I became a drum machine that they would program. I wouldn't create any more. I'd just play what I was told to. On practice days, I started to hope someone would cancel to watch a hockey game or any other reason. Shows became a task to endure rather than a joy, which they should be. Bryan had nothing to do with any of this, though. So on 10/28/97 I called Tony (the bassist and co-founder, plus Charlie wan not home) and let him know about what LOST SOUL was doing to me, mentally and physically. I still remember it so vividly. It was unseasonably warm that night for October in Connecticut. There was a huge thunder and lightning storm. We got disconnected like 3 or 4 times because of it. It was so eerie!!" After parting ways with "The Soul", he and Frank Thomas re-tooled GRIDLOCK. G-LOCK and 86 ASPARTAME 1997-2000 On former band, GRIDLOCK... "That band had so many member changes, I honestly don't think I could name every one! There were so many problems trying to maintain a complete line up. Every time we started to gain a fan base, we had to change our name! It was so difficult. We had 4 male singers, 3 female singers,(2 of which were real good Liz Spires, and later Barbara Schrerier.) magilla gorilla bassists, eskimos, kids, 1-900-snapit addicts, rednecks, and an abundance of morons, it was wild!!" SA-SANCTUARY 2000-2004 " I basically gave up on this band in 2004. But, I'd do an occasional show with them after then. It was my 1st san antonio project. A speed metal band, SA-SANCTUARY. Though Frank Thomas introduced me to John Connelly of NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SA-SANCTUARY opened for some big names. JUDAS PRIEST, GEORGE LYNCH, RICK SANFORD of LEGS DIAMOND,...etc. This band was a curse from day 1. There were times when it showed promise, but the guitarist would always fuck it up. You know, no matter what great acts we open for, it is still just another show. Whether I'm in front of 2,000 or 20 people, each show is an adrenaline rush!!! Though I prefer the 2,000 and up shows! We would have a real hard time finding musicians to complete the band, It was a nightmare... ALWAYS.