Profile of Immaculate Mess

Everyone needs music as a vehicle to release there inner thoughts and emotions. Immaculate Mess is more than happy to oblige. Based out of Los Angeles, Immaculate Mess is a five piece band reveling in playing Rock and Roll that is aesthetically pleasing to their fans and themselves. Individually, they are all accomplished with their instruments but united they form a spark evident through their live shows. Collectively together since 2000, the band has played a majority of its shows at well known Hollywood venues, which include The Viper Room, House of Blues, Whiskey a Go Go and The Roxy. Immaculate Mess has performed with notable bands such as Eve 6, Perfect Circle, Hoobustank, Lit, and Zebrahead The band consists of vocalist Thai Brent Pichon, lead guitarist Joey Gabra, bassist Zee Aghajanian, rhythm guitarist Mike Bedrossian, and drummer Robert Hosip. Lyrically, the straightforward melodies of Pichon explain their lives and experiences. Pichon strives on his range and ability to blend accordingly. Gabra and Bedrossian solidify the guitars with an immense one, two combo. Gabra leads the way with a vast knowledge of riffs and a knack for putting his own spin on an 80s guitar solo. Bedrossian the epitome of consistency relies on driving the rhythm of each song. Aghajanian methodically plucks his strings to bring out the lower tones needed to complement the band. Hosip, the backbone of the beats displays his proficiency on the kit during his high energy performances. Each band member has been influenced and inspired by great acts such as Foo Fighters, Tool, Guns N' Roses, and Velvet Revolver. Immaculate Mess released their latest album Sign of The Times on December 2005. The album received great reviews from fans and critics alike. Recently the band recorded a cover of George Michaels Careless Whisper, for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie, Goal! 2: Living the Dream. From the momentum of Sign of The Times, Immaculate Mess is now locked and loaded to continue to entertain loyal fans and newcomers. The band is out to accomplish a name of their own by making celebrated songs everyone can use as their vehicle of expression.