Profile of Rhythmatik

Born in Cairo, IL (producer and engineer for the Lyrik Assassinz) Hamilton Robertson set forth to bring a new style to B-Town, the founder of the Lyrik Assassinz (2003) which then helped create ILL State(2006), Rhythmatik is now currently doing many collabs with other artists around the country and plans to continue setting his mark on the hip hop game. Due to some recent misunderstandings and uneccessary controversy Rhythmatik has released his "inner demons" just to let his competitors know that he not only has lyrical skills, but he's not really a person you can battle with and expect to win, you know who you are so "bring it"! Many years showered by blood, sweat, and tears, Rhythmatik set forth to settle a strong standing and gain the respect he deserves, open-minded, patient, and very diverse he continues to stand tall, mic grasped tight along with the four Assassin generals....realizing that mentality, endurance, and intelligence are the key factors that stand between him and his long venture towards the road of dreams.......Rhythmatik is a current member of the Lyrik Assassinz(Gibby, J-Dizzle, and Bonez da Blood, a member of ILL State(Reaper, Bonez da Blood, J-Dizzle, Willy T., and Shawn Scott,Willy T's younger bro), and the newest member of Sycologikal Warfare Entertainment(Sycotik, Kondemned)...stay tuned cause there are a few surprises he's got in store for everyone in the area and the entire country as well..... For contact info. write to Hamilton Robertson, 311 Ohio Street, p.o. box 671, Brookport, IL 62910