Profile of Angry Panda

Imagine a music which emphatically rejects the aesthetic and the false, the benign and the passive. Angry Panda are a vital screaming testament to the realities of living in the modern world, and are proud to raise their banner in defence of a culture without pretensions, without fashion and bias, to envisage a sound which unites those who have been searching for something honest, something real. Release yourselves from the suffocation of the trend; EMBRACE NOISE. Angry Panda are preaching the Fifth Column Gospel. Will you listen? Alternative is the only choice. About the E.P.: “Fifth Column Gospel” (released Jan 2007) is the 2nd EP from alternative rock band Angry Panda. Containing five tracks, it was recorded and mixed by the band over the latter half of 2006, in a dirty basment. The E.P. explores themes of alienation, individualism and human nature. From the measured melodic defiance of “The Whispering Campaign” to the flamenco punk stylings of “No More News”, Angry Panda continue to demonstrate their versatility and uncompromising approach towards dynamic rock music, highlighting diverse references in the works of At The Drive In, Biffy Clyro, The Fall and Godspeed You! Black Emperor With a simultaneous return to the live circuit, Angry Panda remain committed to their alt-rock assault upon the senses of alternative listeners. About the band: Angry Panda are three instrument murderers (Steve, Lee and Luke) from Bristol, UK. Pissed off with the mainstream dross infecting the walls of rock venues across the nation, we arrogantly made it our business to create rock music without borders or limitations, to be graceful and freeform in places, anarchic and visceral in others. We hope to take this music into the collective memory, whether it be the few or the many.