Profile of LUIGI K

GIVE ME SOME... Single became a chart topping Single in japan/Holland/Germany/Russia and other major European Countries including USA. Critics say that LUIGI K has already shocked the Top songwriters and Producers but now is the time to shock the WORLD...VISIT-> flavor your lifestyle

UNIVERSAL RECORDS PRESENCE LUIGI K ! New face, New sound, New lyrics !!!! In the world of music few people have the talent, creativity and passion to create a new sound in music like the singer, songwriter, producer “LUIGI K ”! Born in Armenia, Luigi was struck by the sounds of American and European music at an early age. Already an accomplished pianist at the age of 10, Luigi was enrolled in music school. Excelling in all disciplines of music, Luigi began seeking other musical challenges; he began devouring as much western music as he could get his hands on. Luigi would dissect every aspect of a song until he could tell you every instrument or sound placed in a music track. His ear for music was so acute he was dubbed a child prodigy by the age of 15. Having accomplished so much at an early age Luigi still felt a desire for something more. Little did he know the challenges that were right around the corner. In 1987 the story of the artist Luigi officially began. Seeking a better life for their children, Luigi’s parents made the decision to make the long journey to America. Feeling the excitement of a new world and the new opportunities that would be his to enjoy, Luigi began to formulate his ‘sound’ to success. Luigi spent the rest of his early teen years enjoying the life of a child in America, while taking advantage of musical opportunities that were presented to him. By the time Luigi was 16 His music and lyrics were touching people all over the world.. Having completed his studies as a high school student Luigi enrolled at the Music Institute where he received degrees in Song Writing and Producing. Upon receiving his credentials from the Music Institute, Luigi began searching for artist(s) to give his unique sound to. When asked how he would best describe his sound Luigi replied, “My sound is a blend of European artist(s) such as ‘Modern Talk’, ‘Seal’ and ‘Sade’ with many famous American pop, hip-hop and alternative artist(s).” Not being satisfied with those artist(s) chose to perform his music, Luigi decided the best person to perform what he was feeling inside would be him. Luigi set out to create the best Pop album of all time. With a new determination Luigi entered the studio with one thing on his mind, to create a new mold in music. Spending endless hours in the studio, writing, re-writing and writing some more, Luigi created the soon to be Classic album, “Give Me Some”. Upon hearing Luigi’s musical offering to the music industry Mitchell Clark of the prestigious “Media Arts Entertainment Music Group had this to say, “Luigi is one of those artist who have the rare ability to touch you emotionally and stimulate you mentally with his music.” With such hits as ‘Stop Fooling Me” and ‘Sail Away’, a passionate balled that will take the attentive listener on a soulful voyage through their heart and the title song of the album ‘Give Me Some’, already a club hit and soon to be chart topping high energy dance track. Luigi was able to craft an album that will set the stage for music listeners to enjoy his sweet sound for years to come. Having perfected his sound, educated himself on the business of music and surrounding himself with a team of trusted businessmen, Luigi formed “Liquid Music.” Signing a groundbreaking distribution deal with Bungalo/Universal Music Group, Luigi and his “Liquid Music” partners are poised to take on the music industry and win. Pay attention to history in the making!!!!!! -END-