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A Jumpstart will be playing @ the Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood, CA) on October 6, 2005! Set time: 10PM!

We're going to play at the Roxy on June 8th! If you want tickets, make sure to call us at the 818 468 2667! We need to get that show packed!!! If you want to stay tuned about what is going on with us, make sure to suscribe hereunder!! A Jumpstart -

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On a narrow path between power pop rock and emo, A Jumpstart has managed to create a buzz last year in the music industry with only a three-track demo and NO touring yet. A couple of major labels solicitations later, some UK and French touring later, a few featuring later on major rock magazines and compilations, a bunch radio airplays worldwide later, the four boys from Lyon, France come back with a brand new record produced by Raphael Monier! Officially existing as a band since April 2004, A Jumpstart is still looking for a fresh and dynamic songwriting, always combining the ultimate pop chorus with energetic grooves and Daft Punk-ish/ French touch style sequenced synth. Lyrics still refer to the quest of a light at the end of the tunnel, a call to everyone’s optimism. After 2004’s surprise, A Jumpstart is ready to confirm 2005 as their year! Prepare to hear more from those boys very soon!!-