Profile of R-Mean

R-Mean November, 26 2005 at Civic Auditorium Across from Glendale Community College, Glendale, CA 91201 Cost: $37.50 R-MEAN's the Opening Act for BONE THUGS-n-HARMONY! tickets available at WWW.R-MEAN.COM or call Pentagon Promotions at (818) 974 - 6312

Biography Good music markets itself. That's how R-mean has sold thousands of copies of his debut album "Broken Water" independently without the help of any labels, promotors, or investors. "I've built a buzz solely off the strength of my music", he says. "I don't have the type of fans that tell me I'm good. I have the type of fans that tell me I'm one of the best they have ever heard. That's how I know I got something special. Cuz they say it, not me." R-mean is of Armenian origin. He was raised in Amsterdam but returned to his place of birth Los Angeles when he was 18 years old. Growing up with a widowed mother in a foreign country was often hard. All the different aspects of his struggle have become the motivation behind his music, which is strongly inspired by early 90's hip hop. As an incredible lyricist and extremely talented songwriter he manages to put all his life experiences in his music as he “speaks the bottom of his heart from the top of his lungs”. Together with his blind producer “Blind” and a unique reggae vocalist “Teo” he makes hip hop music unheard of in the game today. Besides the addictive sound of his music his incredibly marketable looks make him popular among people from all ages and backgrounds. “I spend 3 to 4 hours a day just responding to fan mail. It's incredible how my music touches some people. And I get love from all over the world! I've even met fans that have my lines tatted on their body! Now that's crazy!” “Every day I walk out the house and I get approached by fans and it's crazy to me cuz I'm not even signed or anything.” But he will be soon. R-MEAN's RESUME includes: - As of September 2005 R-mean has sold over 5,000 copies of his debut “Broken Water” independently since it was released in April 2005 (without the help of any promoters or investors!). - Since then R-MEAN has become a celebrity in the enormous Armenian community and a very well known name in LA's underground Hip Hop scene. - R-mean's drops for LA's top Djs (incl. Felli Fel, Goodfellaz, Big Boy, and Friday Night Flavaz) at LA's top radio station POWER 106 fm are in rotation! - R-mean is featured on numerous websites - including a full-length interview on the world's #1 hip hop site - Almost 20,000 profile views/plays on (in less than 6 months) - His own website ( ) gets hundreds of independent visitors per day. - R-mean has been featured in numerous magazines and school papers (including Glendale News Press) - LIVE TV appearances - Music videos in heavy rotation on local TV - Mixtape appearances (incl. DJ Southpaw's Armageddon 2 hosted by AZ) - Numerous shows (incl. opening for multi-platinum acts like Bone Thugs-n-Harmony) - As of September 2005 R-mean has sold over 1,000 t-shirts in just a few months. -He continues to sell cd's as well as t-shirts and keeps packing shows as his popularity keeps growing day by day.