Profile of PeepHole

PeepHole will be performing at the Whisky with Freeway People and Nova on Feb. 24th. Doors at 7.

Dark, heavy and melodic. Whether it's the piercing vocals, or low and droned out guitar lines, you can be sure to get hooked on something. Live shows become the breeding grounds for the abnormal, featuring unique stage props and spontaneous stage antics often resulting in minor injuries. PeepHole is a key element in the Los Angeles Post-Grunge era. Songs contain elements of melodic metal with experimental, ambient riffs. The lyrics are dark, dealing with issues ranging from depression to religion. There are political songs, as well modern day stories of Shakespearean tragedies. The music embraces the fears of death and depression while presenting it in an almost childish manner. "We got tired of hearing these chauncey ass bands trying to act hardcore so we took matters into our own hands... We've matured a lot since our original intentions of rebelling just for the sake of rebelling. We really mastered the art of breeding musical genres and began to understand the fragility of reconstructive jaw surgery... If I had to describe [our style], I'd have to depict a blend of metal riffs with harmonic melodies and fluid beats." - David Markus Four best friends, Johnny, Saba, David and Nima, have shared the same passion and love for music since high school. It took years of experimenting until they eloquently homogenized a sound that represented all of their musical backgrounds. What spawned was heavy, rebellious, melody-driven power grunge that has haunted fans ever since PeepHole's arrival in 2000. "At first, it was kinda like, ok you play guitar, ill play drums, he can sing, whatever, we took it from there... We didn't get into this with high expectations, but fuck, we all knew that we were motivated to write with each other... At first it was tough. We all had our own tastes in music, but once we embraced our different styles, we made music that was much more powerful than anyone of us could have imagined... I still can't describe it, you just gotta listen to it-- just take off your pants and listen!" - Saba Farmanara The chemistry between them was instant. Since the very first "PeepShow" in a battle of the bands at the Palace in Hollywood, the then 16 year olds have been shocking everyone with their ability to engage audiences with their eccentric stage presence. As the PeepHole following grew, they continued their "PeepShows" around Los Angeles moving on to headlining some of the most prominent clubs in the area. "There's nothing better than watching a crowd get so caught up in the music that they willingly toss their body's into each other while yelling our lyrics over my monitor... That's when we know there are some hardcore fans that really appreciate [the music]. Most people don't understand that it's not about who's strongest or who knocks down the most guys, it's about letting everyone in the pit feel what you're feeling. It's about showing devotion to the music and letting the music take control of your body. It's the closest thing that metal has to dancing... I dare you to dance." - Johnny Batwing In 2004, PeepHole met co-owner of Forster Sound Studios, Kai Schneider. It only took a few early demos for Schneider to realize PeepHole's potential. He quickly took the band under his wing and after five months of recording with producer and soon to be mentor, Alex Lakis (Jimmy's Chicken Shack, Tilo of Methods of Mayhem, Suga-Free) the band produced their EP entitled Killing in the Forest. Even before the EP's completion, anticipation had some of the biggest players in the industry wanting to lend a hand in its production. A Grammy Award Winning engineer voluntarily mixed, "Ferris Wheel," a fan favorite track. Since its release, Killing In The Forest has impressed critics and fans alike. Its musical character and carefully organized song structure complements the diverse genre breeding, making PeepHole truly unparalleled in this post-modern musical era. "It was a bit overwhelming at first, but once we finished the first few tracks and consumed enough refreshing beverages, we knew we had something big... We were blessed to work with these fucking amazing people and no matter what happens from here, we will always look back and remember each and every friend we made..." - Nima Holako "What we do is not a trend. A lot of what's wrong with today's L.A. scene is that a lot of [bands] come from out of no where, not taking their music, their art, or themselves seriously. They're here to make it in Hollywood and by allowing themselves to be manipulated, they don't realize that they're really just helping the industry control our musical culture. You know that we have a serious problem when 60% of the airwaves are under the control of one company and 90% of the industry's revenue comes from less than 10% of the music out there.... I have faith in our culture and I believe that soon enough our generation will demand change... We do what comes from our hearts, and a lot of it has to do with our city and its influence on us. I think that the scene here is taking a turn for the better and were glad to be a part of what's to come." - Johnny Batwing So take a listen and help support our culture's musical revolution! -PeepHole