Profile of A. Gene Punckbowee

I am nearly completely finished recording and mixing the music for my upcoming full length cd Radio Magnolia. It's scheduled for a January 2006 release. The song Search Engine which will be on the album won 6 awards on Track of the Day on 12Sep2005 in Industrial Best Programming in Industrial, week of 19Sep2005 Best Mood in Industrial, week of 19Sep2005 Best Mood in Industrial, week of 26Sep2005 Most Original in Industrial, week of 19Sep2005 Best Dance Track overall, week of 19Sep2005 Best Dance Track in Industrial, week of 19Sep2005

My song Lovers Games has been chosen to be in the upcomiing independent film "Amen". "Amen" is a dark comedy written and directed by Rick Rose. It's about a week in the life of an overpriveledged guy who has to go to work for his father. He examines his life and what he wants to do with it. More news on my website:

Bio of the Artist I started playing the piano at 5. I played until 5th grade when I switched to trumpet. I continued with that until Junior year of high school when I joined the choir, which I stayed in until graduation. After graduation, I started writing music, doing vocals, playing piano and percussion with my cousin Aristotle Anonymous playing guitar, percussion and vocals. We continued working together primarily as a duo for the next 6 years. My brother ,Slim Waste, joined us playing keyboards bass, guitar, vocals and percussion. We continued on as a trio for the next 2 or 3 years. We started doing more solo stuff after that, occasionally working on a song or two with one or the other. In 1992 I got pneumonia and found out I had a major medical condition. I spent the next 2 years working only on solo projects, until I couldn't handle doing it anymore, because of health problems. In late 2003, I started transferring the audio tapes I had from then into the computer. On January 1 of 2003 I put my music on the Free Download Network. (they changed their policy and removed not only my songs, but hundreds of other artist's music the bastards) I decided that since I'm still here after all these years, I should get back to my music.