Profile of Gago

Contact: Yelena

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In the same way that our thoughts effortlessly morph into one another, in my paintings and drawings, seemingly unrelated objects seamlessly transform into each other, creating a new reality of subjective perception. This is why I called the style I work in Transmorphic Subjectivism. This concept allows me to bring forth the phantasmagoric visions of my mindís eye to life, while creating an illusion of fluidity, continuous movement of shapes and objects. This perpetual metamorphosis brings to life the important and ever-present character in my paintings, Time. By creating this subjectively altered reality, there is not one particular message that I am trying to convey, but the entire spectrum of human emotions, passions, fears, desires, dreams and conflicts, as perceived by an individual mind. I use the same Subjectivist approach combined with lighthearted humor in the Festivals series. I donít recreate any particular time period or cultural tradition. The bits of impressions imbedded in my mind from childhood when I discovered for myself the fascinating worlds of Bruegel and Bosch, some scattered memories from my past intertwined with pure fantasy, together turn into this world of festivals and celebrations, where the multitude of parallel stories develop before my eyes as I paint.