Profile of outlett

OUTLETT is back from Fresno where they took home the GRAND PRIZE at The Cal State Fresno "Battle of the Bands" 2005. All the fans where beyond amazing and the band can't wait to return back. Also, they will be doing a benefit show this Sunday May 1,2005 at the "Club Good Hurt" which all the proceeds will be going towards Stroke Research and Education. Other bands performing are such signed acts as SHADOW DROP, STELLAR & SLANT. The Good Hurt is at: Date: Sunday, May 1st Time: 8pm- 2am Place:Club Good Hurt 12249 Venice Blvd West Los Angeles, 90066 310.390.1076 (21+ over)

As modern music continues to be inundated with candy-coated choruses and whiny pop/rock hooks, the Los Angeles based hard rock band, Outlett, is bringing some overdue substance back to the scene. For the past year, the band has been steadily building its buzz within the infamous Hollywood club circuit, developing its style and incendiary live performance before an ever-growing fan base. Blending tribal drum beats with driving guitar riffs and a resonant vocal style that parallels Gwen Stefani in dynamics, this committed quartet has created a sound that is consistently commercial yet distinctly diverse. Outlett’s unique style is a direct result of the eclectic batch of inspiration that each musician brings to the songwriting table. With influences that range from Alice in Chains to Thrice, and from Incubus to Pantera, this band has assembled a musical mosaic of quality musicianship and pure passion. By channeling this raw emotion into explosive numbers like “Walk Away” and “Infected” it creates a driving force of fury that hits its audience like a juggernaut. Further adding to the band’s signature sound, its rendition of Edie Brickell’s classic cut, “What I Am” is ripe with all of the versatility and vigor this band has become known for. But Outlett’s solid songs are only part of its overall allure. Fusing its high octane material into a captivating live show, the band releases a powerful one-two punch that immediately engages every person in every venue. And its buzz has extended well beyond its local Hollywood hometown. Playing gigs like Cal State Fresno’s Vintage Days Festival to the Arizona Music Festival in Tempe, AZ, to being up for The Van’s Warp Tour 2005 the band has swept up fans in a variety of music markets. With a brand new EP just out and some exciting shows lined up for the months ahead, Outlett has its sights fixed on giving popular music back its balls.