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What if you took the finest pair of stonewashed jeans this side of 1988, fashioned them into a hang glider and flew your creation far beyond our solar system? What would happen if you arrived in a distant world where presidents were chosen for their competition worthy pecs and biceps, babies were born with broadswords and monster trucks were worn as rollerskates? Ladies and gentlemen, such a journey is not unlike a rendezvous with eEnik. eEnik beckons you to its world of magnanimous sound, no matter what pair of pants you flew in on. Brain-bending riffs forged in funk form the foundation of the eEnik sound. eEnik blends its progressive rock spirit with a melodic pop-oriented sensibility, invoking giants such as Van Halen, Metallica, Rush, Faith No More and King Crimson. Top priority: to deliver an act with the bravado and thrash-factor of any given rock deity from nineteen-eighty-whenever--all the while keeping the bulge in the Spandex (but leaving the Aqua Net on your big sister's bathroom sink). Passion, the upside-down, truth and confusion. Phantom worlds. Emotional distress. The flame of pain-often-lifegiving. eEnik emerges out of fiery inquiry into life's multiplicity. How could you describe eEnik in few short frames of film? It is like a gorilla stranded in a snow-laden junkyard on Christmas morning...who is then surprised by hundreds of children driving towards him with truckloads of bananas! Such is an image worthy of eEnik's celebration of life and the absurd. The band's freshman EP bears the blood, sweat and tears of Alien Ant Farm's bassist/producer Tye Zamora. eEnik's notoriety continues to surge throughout the Los Angeles music scene playing side-by-side with AAF, The Apex Theory, Opus Dai, Vokee and others. They are also very communicative with a Japanese fan base eager for the band's success. eEnikfs distinctive sound and stage presence is sought after as a strong compliment to current rock acts. As the band gains the attention of rock lovers who crave inspired music, they continue to lengthen the creative strides of the genre in its own generation. In short, eEnik puts a fresh face on a heavy sound which strives for undeniable and timeless rock anthems. eEnik is Matt, Blas, Dan and Clawback