Profile of Lev

Levon Kazarian Author, photographer, actor. DOB October 7, 1989 Glendale, CA. The Writer [one sentance] Paper, pen that’s all it takes to create new worlds and destruct minds (other minds) that have been created by architects who believe in a religion called writing, they write and create, they become Gods and rule a world created by a calm or sometimes violent movements of a pen controlled by a hand, within which veins run though and connect the pen to the mind of the writer, the architect, who sometimes gets trapped in his own Kingdome, gets insane like that Taz-Manian devil and starts destructing other worlds by making his hand move the way Taz moves to create chaos, a chaos which can change the world outside, make other minds believe in what the writer believes in with all his heart, (and trying not to sound cliché, cause I just used the word “heart”) he makes other people feel what he feels, sometimes an architect who is the God inside his world upon the paper becomes a God outside, not necessarily a God, but something like it because he creates a new religion with his belief and a great example of something like that would be The Buddha himself (whose real name by the way is Siddhartha Goatama) they call him Buddha cause of his teachings, the literal meaning of Buddha is the enlightened one, which of course means something so spiritually powerful that has changed many lives throughout the world just because he put the things he saw and felt in his mind on a paper (or at those times a parchment) and enlightened many minds by the way he saw things in reality, transferred it to his mind, felt it by heart and back to the hands through veins and out of the trapped pen in hands which struggles to make no mistake and obey his master, the creator, the architect, the writer, the God, Me.