Profile of Analogdriver

There will be a show on 11/25/05 at the Gig on Melrose featuring Analogdriver, Blackwater Prophecy, Fissure, Ekathis and Sign of One. Analogdriver November, 25 2005 at The Gig on Melrose 7302 Melrose Ave. , Hollywood, CA 90046 Cost: Just $5. Also another show on 12/2 at the CIA.

We are fervently working on the new EP coming out this summer. we have all the 5 new songs......The Carrot Lie, Movie Star Fix, Chloroform, Stillbirth Machine, and Realms.

But I Couldn’t Rewind……………….. "I like the sound but what does it all mean"? That is relative to where you stand, and what you do as you listen to it or anything else....and definately how it should be. Analogdriver, formed in early 2002 by Martin Medina, Ricky Rodriguez and Matt Rodriguez fuses open chords, 5 string baritone guitars, unusual tunings, and melodically hard vocals to bring ear- friendly progressive metal/rock to the ones radio has forgotten. In 2004 they had built a platform for their ideas with their self-titled EP and now in 2005 with show attendance increasing,Analogdriver now intends to keep their promise to do whatever it takes to get this sound out on the L.A and O.C. music scene. You’ll definitely want to keep your ears open for even more tracks coming in 2005. Farewell til' the radio.... ANALOGDRIVER- a new word referring to that of Nostalgia. the old technology of the mind that causes the new to re-create, unfold, to seed like spores taking what you learn through the clips of life. what you experience upon death, daily awakening, or self-revalation can be a form of "analogdriver". it is in that very loop of flash-life sequence that you see images of your youth, your sorrow, your origin, the old things that push or drive you to become the very things you either love or detest. An analogdriver is the original thought and idea that have brought you out of the ashes to carve the very thing you are. Your music tatses, your inspiration that made you play the music you do, the televisions that shaped your personality, the ways in which you speak, act, and understand are the result of your analogdrivers. And as all existence turns one thing into something else, the old will continue to re-invent the new with a static radio beside.