Profile of Solstone

After performing in several would-be acts together and feeling trapped in a town with a dwindling music scene, Kevin French and Dave Krause teamed up and decided to leave their native Chicago to set sights on a more lucrative landscape - the West Coast. Settling into San Diego in 1999, the pair locked themselves in a studio and focused on writing a multitude of songs that would define a sound that they proudly classify "The New Rock Machine!" That sound coupled with their hardened mid-west attitudes and solid work ethic became the core for an innovative new band: SOLSTONE. Moving to LA in the spring of 2000, Kevin and Dave auditioned dozens of musicians trying to find a Bass player with the perfect combination of youth, looks, aptitude, and attitude that would compliment their own. After a year of bland encounters, Kevin and Dave were beginning to lose hope. That is until they happened upon Antonio "Buccia" Bucciarelli - a young rocker on vacation from Florence, Italy. The three instantly got along and the musical chemistry was exactly what they were searching for. With the third member on board, Solstone recorded their debut CD release in the summer of 2001 and in support of their new music the group took to the local LA club scene looking for some live action. Although gaining a following of fans and respect among their peers, the band felt something was still missing in their live performances. In July 2002, Solstone asked friend Jonny C. Ide to play a session together at the Cat Club in Hollywood. With JonnyC's added stage energy and screaming guitar work mixed with the groups' already jamming repertoire - the result was explosive! The crowd's reaction set the room on fire, and they all knew they were onto something big. The guys asked JonnyC to join outright and now along with Kevin, Dave, and Antonio, the group is complete and ready to take over the LA music scene. And with the new sound of SOLSTONE - they're going to change EVERYTHING! Kevin, 26. After his childhood dream of being Elvis Presley's drummer were crushed upon learning of the King's untimely death, Kevin had an epiphany - he decided that he would follow in his hero's footsteps and to claim a seat beside the King's Rock n' Roll throne. His youth was soon filled with a wide range of musical influences from the physical, hard working mentality of James Brown to the raw and powerful delivery of James Hetfield. These influential performers helped Kevin develop his own brand of strong, soulful lead vocals and grinding guitar work. Dave, 27. Coming from a family of drummers and singers, Dave was influenced at an early age from the musical interludes echoing through the halls of his childhood home. While watching his older siblings play, Dave's hunger to get in on the action became unsatiable, and at age 13, he grabbed some sticks and took the throne behind his own kit. While Dave had a wide variety of early musical influences, it was the aggressive stylings and thundering licks pounded out by such metal drum gods as Tommy Lee, Rikki Rocket, and Lars Ulrich that really motivated Dave to play harder, faster, and louder. Numerous recording sessions and live performances later, Dave has honed his craft, and proudly hammers out his own style of heavy chop sticking, 'in-the-pocket' grooves, and high-energy stage antics. Buccia, 24, comes from a small country town called Montevarchi just outside of Florence, Italy. He started out playing piano at age 6, and after his sister gave him a Bon Jovi album as a communion gift - he was completely hooked on Rock n' Roll. Buccia sang in a local band during his early high school years and soon took to Bass guitar where he was further inspired by Rock legends: Roger Glover, Nikki Sixx, and Gene Simmons. While working as a DJ at a local radio station, Buccia dreamed of traveling to LA and finding a band with the right amount of fire, innovation, and attitude. As fate would have it, it wasn't long after Buccia set foot on American soil that he found SOLSTONE - the hardest rockin' band in L.A. JonnyC, 69. At the tender age of 11, JonnyC picked up his first guitar and learned a few chords from his dear old dad. Later, when KISS Alive II hit the stores he was already standing in line - and before the fresh vinyl stopped spinning, JonnyC understood his destiny. Without delay, he packed his bags and moved to Hollywood where he graduated from the famed Guitar Institute of Technology and then hit the Sunset Strip with a vengeance. The skills and techniques that JonnyC demonstrated on stage revealed such earlier influences as Jimmy Page and Randy Rhodes. In short time, JonnyC was picked up by several hot local bands and toured relentlessly up and down the West Coast perfecting his craft. Now, with countless live performances under his belt, and a commitment to excellence, JonnyC is the newest member of Solstone, and is ready to rock your world!