Profile of Imbue

Since Imbue’s inception in 1996, the band has continued to grow with each release. They have managed to become arguably the biggest band on their native scene of Baltimore, MD. In addition, the band have taken their sound abroad, as far as the West Coast, including playing alongside such acts as Metallica, System Of A Down, Korn, and many, many more. With two releases under their belt (1998s “Resurrected” and 1999s “Filth Parade”) the band have returned with their third release, “Ritual In Bloom”. “Ritual In Bloom” is the bands first release on Martin Atkin’s (of Pigface/Nine Inch Nails/Ministry/Killing Joke) Underground Inc. label. Now with substantial label support to properly get the word out to as many people as possible, Imbue are set to make a dent in the national music scene when the new album drops on May 20th. While early, 2003 is poised to become a year filled with great releases. This is a good thing, because well, 2002 was lacking in good albums. “Ritual In Bloom” will easily be one of the best albums to come out this year. The bands diverse musical influences from Jane’s Addiction to Tool have shown through in an album that has a sound and a song for everyone. The fast paste rhythm and hard-edge rains supreme on tracks such as “The Switch”, “Habit”, “Idol”, and “Hypershift”. While on the other end are the somewhat slow paced additions of “Blue Illusion”, “Center Of Madness”, “Ritual In Bloom”, and “Season Of The Fates”. Recorded over several months with producer Frank Marchand, the sound has meshed together perfectly to create a great sounding and diverse musical style that work together as one cohesive unit that forms the makeup of “Ritual In Bloom”. Leaving nothing back, the group enlisted the help of Bill Gaal to play bass on “Get Back”, “Blue Illusion”, and “Puppet”. Robin Moulder of Jack Off Jill fame plays bass on the albums title track, and Lady J of Kittie comes together along with Mikey and The Method from godhead on the high energy “Idol” In the end the album wraps up with the tribal drum anthem of “Of Now”.