Profile of Drawing Down

Jim Plush Vocals/Guitar Philadelphia, PA Steve Molinari Drums San Fransisco, CA Aydin Say Bass Wilmington, DE Ali Nikou Lead Guitar Iran Formed in early 2000, Drawing Down has developed a strong independent following as a 4-piece rock alternative band. Part of the signature sound is the heavy guitar driven rhythms, melodic vocals over soaring bass lines and a dynamic rhythm section. The bands latest EP, produced by Jim Wirt, known for his work with Incubus, Hoobastank, Fiona Apple, No Doubt and others, and mastered by Kevin Bartley (Capitol Records), the EP has created a demand for over 4,000 CDs in just 4 months. Drawing Down is currently showcasing at venues throughout the Los Angeles area, and touring regionaly on the west coast. GREAT FANS AND STRONG PROMOTION In just over a year the Drawing Down family has grown. Commercial spots have placed Drawing Down on MTV, VH1, KROQ and many college radio stations. Heavy flyering and CD samplers have drawn great interest in the band. The website launched a great on-line presence that has resulted in increased attendance at all shows. The on-line street team is a big success and has some of our favorite fans promoting to win great prizes. Future cross promotions with venues and sponsors like Serious Pimp Clothing Company are in the works. "The band has taken on a life all its own through it's listeners and we're along for the ride."