Profile of Danny Mcgaw

Danny McGaw’s bold and original style will soon change the face of folk, rock, and popular music for an entire generation. Danny’s songs are fused with original and haunting tones, raw emotion, loss of innocence, and the love and passion that inspired it. He is honest to a fault, and has courage beyond his years. Punctuated by a uniquely textured and melodic voice, Danny’s lyrics read like a map to the core of the human experience. Danny left his native Manchester, England in 2001 bound for America. He is a folk singer/songwriter who has been influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Tracy Chapman and Otis Redding. Danny has traveled the globe with the same guitar his dad bought him when he was 12 years old. Since that time, he has played with, and learned from, a myriad of eclectic musicians. His broad world view and intense personal relationships helped perfect his profound songwriting abilities. Danny has a repertoire of songs that would rival any of his predecessors. He plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, base guitar, piano, drums, harmonica, and mandolin. Due to his insatiable apatite for everything sonic, he has recently become a skilled recording artist as well. In addition to endless hours in the studio, he has perfected his enigmatic live performances, which have hypnotized the LA music scene.