Profile of Agrokulcher

Agrokulcher was formed in '97, although the current line up has only been together since '99. When the previous vocalist decided to leave the band, management called upon Matt DeJoy who was working on a couple of different projects at the time. After just one rehearsal, he was granted the position of frontman and the band immediately began writing together. Within a month Agrokulcher had written enough material to go into the studio to work on their first E.P. titled "God". Since then, the band has been performing and headlining up and down the west coast. Agrokulcher played at "Camp Ozzy" at Ozzfest, opened up for the band "Live" at Dennis Rodman's Birthday Bash at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and headlined the Tony Hawk Skate and Music Festival in the South Bay. They also were privileged enough to record two songs with punk legend Mike Watt. It was a tribute to legendary punk bonds from the South Bay. The album is available in record stores titled "The Bay After". Agrokulcher's style of music is of n heavier genre, but the band has been influenced by the likes of Bowie, Tool, Depeche Mode, Snot, Primus, Faith No More, Deftones, you get the idea. AK has exploded out of the South Bay (Hermosa Beach, Ca.) and has gained much respect from the entire L.A. music scene as they play in Hollywood and surrounding areas constantly. In September '99, Agrokulcher was named "Underground Band of the Month" by both Loudside Entertainment ( and "Unsigned Band of the Month" by ( "AK" has also been given strong recognition by Artist and In October of 2000 Agrokulcher took some time out of their busy schedule to record the follow up to their first E.P. This CD was appropriately titled "2000". This CD shows the great musical bond and growth that the band was able to form in a very fast paced year. Their sold out CD release party at the Troubadour (Hollywood, Ca.) was a huge success. It helped others in the tight nit community of Hollywood realize why there is such a buzz about this band that has only been together for a short time. Agrokulcher is continuing on the tracks of many great Hollywood bands that have gone on to bigger careers while they continue to stay true to themselves. Their fans have made it perfectly clear what they want ...many more jaw dropping performances. It is very hard to not get lost among the thousands of heavy bands in Hollywood. Agrokulcher has made it a point to make their music and lyrical content very personable to themselves and those who make the right choice to really listen. Look for Agrokulcher to release a new Cd by the end of Summer 2001. Agrokulcher has shared the stage with such big hitters as Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Live, Puya, Slaves On Dope, Biohazzard, Pressure 4 5, Hotwire, One Side Zero, Dial 7, Stephen Perkins & Peter Distefano.