Profile of NoN-EyE

- Saturday, April 2nd, 2005 @ The Knitting Factory. Also performing that night, Ed, VOkEE, Red Snow, and The Mercenaries. Ticket's are $10 through the bands and $12 at the door. All ages welcome. Doors at 7pm.

NoN-EyE is... Hayk Duzdabanyan- Guitar, Vocals Narek Stepanian- Bass Chris Daniel- Drums The intentional and unintentional blindness of human kind... When things get rough, people turn a blind eye, pretend they don't see a thing. Someone in the street, getting robbed, stranded on a highway, in an accident. Who stops by to help? Most stand by and watch, like antelope herding around a lion eating one of their own. Others still, turn a blind eye, walk away, see nothing. Humans are blind and most are too blind to see it. Horded around in droves, being told what to see, hear, feel, think, do. Blindly going on with their lives, no purpose, no function other than to provide a continuous flow of income for others, which in turn serve the same purpose for others... and the cycle goes on. Manipulated world leaders, mere puppets, running puppet shows of their own for the chosen few; the chosen few that can "see" and do something about it. Open your eyes... open your non-eyes and see. See for the first time what is around you, what is within you, who you truly are. Do not be blinded, do not blind yourself. -NoN-EyE